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Automatic truck loading and unloading technology.
In view of the ever shorter logistics times, automatic truck loads are inevitable.
In this regard one must distinguish between different systems.

  1. Crane loading from above or laterally.
  2. The loading by means of adaptation of the truck by construction and conversions. In most cases, conveyor system is also installed on the truck as well as additional support systems to prevent the truck from jamming.
  3. Further automatic loading and unloading system developed by us: This can dock any standard truck. With our technology, we permanently adjust the height differences to the conditions during the loading process. Thanks to this technology, we are able to load every truck with 33 Euro pallets in just 4 minutes. Other pallets or lattice boxes can also be processed according to the specification. Of course you can also link this technology with existing conveyor or storage systems. (Watch our attached video.)

PS.: You can also watch this video on YouTube.
Automatic truck loading at Wenner

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